The Firm

Studio Legale Cantore.

The Firm

Studio Legale Cantore was established in 1979 with the opening of the practice in Milan, Italy and subsequently in 2010 the Firm also opened a practice in Lugano, Switzerland.Over the years, extensive experience was acquired in the fields of Consulting and advice provided by the Firm to Companies and private Clients, in the principal areas of legal activity, such as Civil, Commercial, Company, Administrative and Labour Law, as well as in the fields of IT Law and privacy.

Within the scope of such activity, the Firm provides a service to Clients by representing them in hearings before Judicial bodies and Arbitration institutions nationally and internationally, also through an established network of correspondents.

The distinct tendency of the Firm’s professionals is a practical approach in resolving various legal issues which has enabled the Firm to develop meaningful relations with Clients based on a close working relationship, with the objective of finding in the shortest possible time reliable and effective solutions in the various cases.

The result is, as far as possible a “tailor made” service, aimed above all to meet the requirements of the Clients, in the manner satisfactory to them.

Our Mission

Tailor made is the service we intend to offer to every single Client in relation to their requirements, through an in depth knowledge of their needs, wishes and expectations.The flexibility and adaptability to the various situations, based on the accumulated experience gained on the backgrounds and variables that constitute each case in point, are the distinguishing elements of our services.

We search for the most practical and suitable solution for the Client needs, through assistance in our Firm or at our Client offices, in order to achieve the right level of sinergy and become successful partners.

To be constantly updated with times, news and changes, represents an essential part of our activity and the services we offer the Client.


Antonio Cantore

Antonio Cantore

Founding Partner

Member of the Milan Bar Association.
Education: Degree at Università Statale di Pavia.
Languages: Italian, French.

Paolo Cantore

Paolo Cantore


Qualified to appeal to the Supreme Court.Member of the Milan Bar Association.
Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.
Education: Degree at Università degli Studi di Milano.
Languages: Italian, English.

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