Practice Areas

Litigation & Arbitration

Assistance in all types of domestic and international court proceedings related to civil, commercial and corporate matters;

Assistance in all Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedures, including arbitrations, both administered in accordance with the rules of the most known domestic and international Chambers of Arbitration, and non-administered.

Data Protection

Audit and compliance activity;

Drafting of all the documents required by the Italian and European regulations governing data protection;

Arrangement of privacy management systems and internal regulation and procedures for the use of information technology tools;

Assistance before the Italian Data Protection Authority;

Civil & Commercial Law

Advice on corporate and commercial issues;

Drafting, risk analysis and negotiation of business agreements (such as distribution, agency, sponsorship, partnership, consultancy, procurement and supplies, transport, franchising, loan, lease contracts, company rental/sale, license of IP rights, development of software, joint venture, etc.);

Assistance in adopting management and control models pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001;

Advice on ecommerce-related matters.

Banking & Finance

Advice on banking and finance agreements, and assistance in the related court proceedings.

Insurance Law

Assistance in all complex branches of insurance law for insurance companies, insurance brokers and insured entities.

Our assistance ranges from legal advice concerning the drafting of general terms and conditions, to handling claims both in the pre-litigation and litigation phase.

Consumer Protection

Advice on contracts with consumers and application of the Consumer Code;

Assistance in court proceedings related to product liability, unfair commercial practices and advertising;

Assistance before the competent regulatory Authorities, including the Italian Antitrust Authority.

Transportation Law

Advice on, and assistance in court proceedings related to air, maritime, railway and inland transport.

Competition Law

Advice on restrictive agreements and abuse of dominant position, including the self-assessment of both horizontal and vertical agreements;

Drafting and implementation of antitrust compliance programs and dawn-raid procedures;

Assistance before the Italian Antitrust Authority and the administrative courts;

Advice on private enforcement, and assistance in the related court proceedings.

Labour Law

Drafting, risk analysis and negotiation of employment agreements, non-compete clauses and confidentiality agreements;

Advice to companies on the implementation of the best business strategies related to workforce management, as well as on labour profiles of reorganization and restructuring transactions;

Assistance in setting up sale networks and drafting of the related agreements (agents, distributors, financial advisors, financial brokers, etc.);

Assistance in labour law-related court proceedings.

Sports Law

Assistance to the athlete and his/her team in the management of the relationships with the competent institutions;

Drafting of agreements;

Assistance in proceedings before sport justice bodies and in anti-doping procedures.

Family Law

Advice on and assistance in court proceedings related to separation, divorce and protection of minors.


Advice on bankruptcy procedures, and assistance in the related court proceedings.

International Law

Advice on the application of Italian conflict-of-laws rules and foreign laws;

Drafting of international contracts.

Administrative Law

Advice on public tenders for works, services and supplies, as well as on city planning matters;

Drafting of contracts;

Assistance before the administrative courts and the independent administrative Authorities.

Credit Collection

Assistance in court proceedings to recover credits and receivables;

Assistance and support during the investigation into the legal issues concerning the relationships underlying credits.

Intellectual Property

Advice on matters related to IP rights and copyright;

Protection of know-how and trade secrets drafting and negotiation of non-disclosure agreements;

Advice on issues related to software and databases;

Assistance in proceedings related to IP rights (e.g. counterfeiting and license issues).

Real Estate

Advice on, and assistance in court proceedings related to, rental agreements (commercial and residential), property sale and purchase agreements and leasing.

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